Better Mental Health

Living a healthy life includes not only the physical health, but also the mental wellbeing. Mental health is about the way you think and feel, act and react through life. Few simple attitude changes can positively impact your mental wellbeing. Here are few suggestions you can follow:

Talk about your feelings
Do not keep how it feels inside your head for yourself. Talk about it with your beloved ones, it will help you cope with the problems you are carrying around; and by being listened to you will feel more supported and less alone. It might feel awkward at the beginning, but with time, you will feel better about it.

Connect with others
Develop and maintain strong relationships with people around you who will support and enrich your life. Strong family ties and supportive friends can help you deal with the stresses of life. Friends and family can make you feel included and cared for.

Stay active
Exercise releases chemicals in your brain that makes you feel good; it boosts your self-esteem and help you better concentrate, sleep, look and feel better. Exercise is not only about doing sport or going to the gym; going on walks, gardening, dancing, regular housework, can all help you staying active.

Do something you are good at
Set time for activities and hobbies you enjoy. Enjoying yourself and doing something you are good at helps boosting your self-esteem. Be spontaneous and creative; find and do what you like.

Accept yourself
We are all different. Some of us make people laugh, some are good at math, some know how to cook and others do not. Each one is unique on his own way, and it is always healthier to accept how you are rather than wishing to be like someone else. Feeling good about yourself boosts your confidence to learn new skills, visit new places and make new friends.

Rest and Refresh
Organize your sleeping patterns. Get plenty of sleep and go to bed every day at a regular time; sleep helps restoring your body and mind. In addition, take a few minutes during the day to pause and refresh; gaze to the sky or the nature, and just let your mind wander and your thoughts flow.

Deal with stress
Stress is part of our life and affect each one differently. Learn to notice what evokes your stress and how you react, thus to avoid the triggers when possible and enhance your managing techniques. A balanced life style will help you manage stress better.

Volunteer in the community
Spending time working for a cause or issue that you care about helps you feel good about yourself and your life, especially when you are contributing in the improvement of others’ lives too.

Ask for help
Everyone’s life journey has bumps on the way. We all sometimes feel tired and overwhelmed by how things are going wrong. If you feel that you cannot handle things anymore or cannot cope on your own, seek for help. Friends and family can always give practical help or at least a listening ear. You can also benefit from local services or professionals to help you deal with your feelings. *


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