Dealing with Loneliness

Learn how to spend time alone
You need to know how to make the best out of being alone and enjoy your own company. Take the chance of being alone and things that are of interest for you. Discover new things, explore, read a book, cook something you like, visit a place you enjoy, take care of a pet, of a plant, a house …

Improve your social skills
Most of the times, loneliness comes from lacking interpersonal skills required to develop and maintain relationships with others. Learn how to feel less socially shy, engaging more in conversations, giving and taking compliments, and enhance your nonverbal communication skills too.

Enhance your social support
If you have recently lost a beloved one, got divorced, or separated, engage more with people from your social circle. Go out with friends more, connect with those whom you have not talked to in a while, and visit some family members.

Engage more in activities
Get involved in activities where you have the opportunity to meet other people. Attend events hold in your area, and volunteer if possible with interesting associations, community services, working groups …

Don’t think negative
Lonely people usually think about the negative things that happened during their interactions with others and neglect the positive things. They often expect things not to go well in future interactions. Think that things will be okay, not bad. Once you neglect the negative thoughts, you can approach relationships with an optimistic promising view.


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