Reducing Anxiety

Accept a certain level of uncertainty
You need to accept the fact that many things are unpredictable. Worrying about what will happen in the future will not help preventing unpleasant surprises or making you prepared for the worst, it will only prevent you from living the good moments in the present.

Keep Busy All day
Taking action and doing things will help you get distracted from your anxious thoughts. Do not sit around and ruminate about your worries all day. It will not help making them go away.

Ask yourself if the problem is solvable
Evaluate the thoughts you are worrying about and distinguish between those you can actually solve and those that are out of your control. If the problem is solvable, consider the possible solutions you can take. If the problem is unsolvable and out of your hand, accept that there is nothing you can do about it, and prevent yourself from getting overwhelmed.

Talk to someone
It is one of the best ways to overcome your anxiety. Seek your friends and family and talk to them about how you are feeling, and get a fresh perspective from them about your worries.

Be aware of how others affect you
While talking to others is helpful, you also need to know that some people can affect you negatively. Spend less time with people that makes you more anxious, and choose your right confidantes.

Exercise regularly
It does not necessarily mean hard work at the gym. Some gentle work like walking or biking can keep your anxious thoughts from overwhelming you. Do what is appropriate for you at the moment regardless of the intensity, as long as it is helping reducing your anxiety.

Keep a healthy diet
Avoid too much caffeinated beverages, like coffee, tea, sodas or energy drinks. Caffeine can keep you in a tense aroused condition.

Create a worry period
If you have too many thoughts worrying you and you feel that you cannot get distracted from them, give yourself permission to have these worries but only during a certain time of the day. Allow yourself to worry during this period, and make the rest of the day worry-free.


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