Reducing Stress

Accept that there are things and events you cannot control
Some things that occur with us during our life are out of our hand and we do not have control over them. Stressing about them would only tire your mind.

Sleep well
Give your body enough time to rest and recover from stressful events.

Eat Healthy
Make sure to have well balanced meals, and avoid compulsive behaviors such as binge eating or drinking alcohol to deal with stress.

Talk to others
Having a social network is one of the best tools to deal with stress. Share what is going on with you with someone either face to face or over the phone and get their perspective of what you are dealing with.

Exercise Regularly
A fit body can fight stress better.

Learn and Practice some relaxation techniques
Practice some techniques that relax you such as breathing, meditation, yoga, walk in nature, on the beach …

Manage your time
Divide your time efficiently for the tasks you need to do, turn down requests that would add more stress to your life, and make some time for hobbies and leisure.

Ask for help
If you feel like you cannot handle and deal with your stress anymore, seek the help of a psychologist or other mental health professional to learn more healthy ways of dealing with stress in your life.


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