Reducing Work Stress

Detect your stressors
Try to find out which situations exactly or what triggers cause you stress in your workplace. Identify whether it is the people, the circumstances, or even the physical setting that are bothering you, and monitor how are reacting on spot to these stressors.

Prioritize and organize
Analyze your schedule and responsibilities. Try to find a balance between work and home life. Do not over-commit yourself by scheduling things back-to-back. Try leaving early in the morning rather than rushing and adding more stress by running late. Make sure to organize your time and prioritize the tasks you need to finish, and give yourself some short breaks throughout the day.

Develop healthy responses
Do not turn into negative coping mechanisms, like binge fast food eating or drinking alcohol. Keep a healthy balanced diet and exercise, especially when you feel the stress increasing. It is also important to get enough amount of sleep and give your body a chance to relax, and to limit your caffeine intake. Set some time for hobbies and visits for friends and family.

Put some limits
Some people prefer blending their work with their home life, but it is always better to have some limits between the two. That might mean making a rule not to check email from home in the evening, or not answering the phone during dinner. Having these clear boundaries will help decrease the stress caused by work in your life at home.

Take vacations
Give yourself some time to get detached from the work duties and all the work related issues. We all need this from time to time to recharge and avoid being depleted. If you cannot take long vacations, try detaching yourself during your days off from work and enjoy the moment.

Learn some techniques that helps you relax and calm your mind. Take a few moments every day to breathe slowly, go for a walk, or enjoy a meal.


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