Top Tips for Weight Loss

  • Eat slowly, chew well and have smaller bites. This will help you feel full while having fewer calories. In fact, it takes 20 minutes for your brain to get the signal that the stomach is full so when you eat slowly, you will feel fuller before you consume too much food.
  • Make healthier food choices:
    • Choose low fat milk, yoghurt and cheeses instead of full fat ones.
    • Choose fresh fruits instead of canned fruits, jams, and juices.
    • Choose whole grain breads and cereal and the ones without any sugar added
    • Choose lean meats, unskinned chicken and fish instead of high fat meats
    • Use oils sparingly and avoid butter, margarine and fried food
    • Choose fresh and steamed vegetables instead of sautéed and fried.
    • Choose water instead of sodas, juices, alcohol and sugary drinks.
    • Choose zero calories sweeteners instead of sugar and honey.
  • Reduce Your Serving Sizes. Portion everything on a plate and eat meals on smaller plates. This will make the food portion look more satisfying to you and allow you to control the portion of your meals. You can check these tips for Estimating Portion Sizes.
  • Drink up to 8 cups or 2 Liters of water every day. Water will help you wash away the excess water that is stored in your body so will help you lose weight. Water also helps you get rid of the excess toxins found in your body and helps you feel full. Sometimes, your brain can analyze that you are hungry when you can just be thirsty and dehydrated.
  • Get active. Adding physical activity to your life will help you lose weight faster. (Check more about Exercise and weight loss.) It is best to exercise daily for 45 minutes or every other day. You can also increase your physical activity by following these Tips to Increase Your Physical Activity .
  • Embrace new eating habits:
    • Always start your meals with a salad or a soup. This will help you feel fuller and you will eat less during your meals.
    • Carry healthy snacks with you to avoid impulse purchases of food. Easy to carry snacks include a fruit or carrot sticks or low fat crackers.
    • Shop smart and do not purchase unhealthy foods that you tend to eat in excess.
    • Do not skip meals and do not keep more than 5 hours between each health to prevent hunger and overeating at the following meal.
    • Keep all food stored in cabinets to decrease your temptation to eat.
    • Avoid eating while watching TV, reading, working on the computer or talking on the telephone. This will make you lose track on how much you ate.
    • Wait at least 15 minutes after finishing a meal before allowing yourself more food or dessert. It takes time for your body to recognize that you are full.

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